Hand grip & Spear tip

The hand grip enables the user to easily insert the probe where is necessary by applying less effort. Furthermore, it ensures a long life use of the spear.

It is manufactured in Ø25mm, Ø35mm, Ø38mm and Ø50mm diameter and this one is recommended for dimensions from 1.5 meter long and more…

  • The Hand grip is made from aluminium alloy 2024
  • Makes the sampling easier
  • Well fixed on the probe
  • Can be reinstalled on another spear in case this one is broken
  • Fits onto any spears according to theirs diameters
  • Through its notches, it can not slip from palms
  • length for hold: 15 cm

Hand Grips SS (Ø25mm, Ø35mm, Ø38mm, Ø50mm)

Removable Stainless Steel T-handle Ø25mm, Ø35mm, Ø38mm, Ø50mm

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Metal winged tip Ø35mm, Ø50mm

Metal winged tip for Sampling Spear Ø35mm, Ø50mm.

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Plastic winged tip Ø35mm, Ø50mm

Plastic winged tip for Sampling Spear Ø35mm, Ø50mm

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