Laboratory oven MO-series

Laborarory oven MO-series  can be used mostly at all type of industries where a Thermogravimetric Method of measurement of moisture content is required.
It allows to determine mass concentration of moisture in solid, powder and pasty products according to standardized
methods for a particular substance (material) or group of substances.


  MO-106 MO-112 MO-212
Range of measurement of moisture content, % 5 to 45
Operating temperature range, °C/°F 40 to 160/120 to 320
Accuracy of establishing and sustaining temperature, °C, not more then 2,0
Limits of the permissible absolute error, % ±0,5
The standard deviation of the measurement result,% 0,08
Power consumption, V•A, not more than 600 900 1200
Power connection, V , Hz 220, 50 / 110, 60
Size (H×W×D), mm 370х260х260 580х260х260 580х260х260
Compartment size, mm 40x75x155 50x75x155 40x75x155
Weight, kg, not more than 14.5 24.5 24


2 years of warranty for the laboratory oven MO-series  allow you not to worry about the condition of the device, as well as to receive qualitative free of charge assistance and repairs.