Lance de température numérique DT-20

DT-20 is a portable temperature measuring spear in 2,0 or 3,0 meter length with an LED display for temperature control.

DT-20 series ideal for use in unlit storage areas.

DT-20 has one temperature sensor in the spear tip.

Grain will be very warm post-harvest and this is ideal for insect breeding and biological activity. Grain is a very good insulator and loses heat very slowly. DT-20 is ideal for a quick test of the temperature in the grain.

We offer three versions of spear material for DT-20:

  • Fiberglass (G)
    • 2,0 meter length. Weight 400 g.
    • 3,0 meter length. Weight 450 g.
  • Aluminum (A)
    •  2,0 meter length. Weight 650 g.
    •  3,0 meter length. Weight 850 g.
  • Stainless steel (S)
    • 2,0 meter length. Weight 1300 g.


  • Lenght: 200/300 cm
  • Display of measurement result: ºC/ºF
  • Measuring range: -10ºC to +70ºC / 14ºF to 158ºF
  • Battery: 4 battery type AA
  • Display: LED
  • Watertight tip
  • Sensors: 1 pcs.
  • Average life time of batteries 2 years.

Possible to produce any length on request


Digital Temperature Spear, length 2.0m, flexible and durable fiberglass tube Ø10 mm.

Ideal for use in unlit storage areas.

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