Laboratory drying oven MO-series

Laboratory oven MO-series can be used mostly in all types of industries where a Thermogravimetric Method of measurement of moisture content is required:

  • Grain quality control laboratories;
  • Flour-grinding, mixed fodder industry;
  • Food industry (meat, dairy and fish);
  • Forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry;
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • Construction industry (soils, soils, minerals)

A drying oven for Laboratory is a required device for the determination of the mass concentration of moisture in solid, powder and pasty products according to standardized methods for a particular substance (material) or group of substances.

Reliability, stability and safety

  • The MO-series drying cabinet takes up minimal space on the laboratory bench and integrates well with other furniture.
  • Balanced weight and centre of gravity ensure stable placement on the surface.
  • To prevent accidental burns for users who touch the device, the body is covered with protective Plexiglas.
  • For bookmarking and taking out the stand with the bottles, a special non-heat-conducting handle is used.
  • It is connected to an industrial or domestic electrical network 220 V with a ground loop.
  • Fuse for short circuit protection.
  • Electrical safety meets European standards.

Stable temperature maintenance

  • The location of the heating elements ensures optimal temperature distribution throughout the volume of each drying chamber.
  • The heating elements are calibrated using a PID controller and a high-precision thermometer in such a way that in the range from 40 to 160°C the inhomogeneity of the temperature distribution between all cells does not exceed ±2°C from the set value (±1°C actually)
  • Placing a new sample in the chamber does not affect the current measurement in any way (there is no temperature drop when a new sample is placed, or it is insignificant).

Easy access to the cells of the drying chamber

On the front side, there are 2 or 4 functional doors for comfortable access to the cells of the drying chambers (2 doors per 1 chamber).

Silent operation

Due to the use of the physical phenomenon of convection, a stream of hot air arises in the exhaust pipes of a drying cabinet for grain crops and other products, which is sucked in from vertically located chambers through openings in the doors. The absence of moving parts ensures complete silent operation and increases its reliability and service life.


MO-106 MO-112 MO-212
Range of measurement of moisture content, % 5 to 45
Operating temperature range, °C/°F 40 to 160 / 120 to 320
Accuracy of establishing and sustaining temperature, °C, not more then 2,0
Limits of the permissible absolute error, % ±0,5
The standard deviation of the measurement result,% 0,08
Power consumption, V•A, not more than 600 900 1200
Power connection, V, Hz 220, 50 / 110, 60
Size (H×W×D), mm 370х260х260 580х260х260 580х260х260
Compartment size, mm 40x75x155 50x75x155 40x75x155
Weight, kg, not more than 14.5 24.5 24

Compliant with standards

Using the MO-series oven ensures you are Compliant with the standards, not only:

  1. Conforms to regulations:
    ISO 721; AACC 44-20.01; AACC 44-15.02; ICC 110/1; FTWG 0008; GOST 9404-88;
  2. For standard laboratory moisture determination of grain samples:
    ААСС 44-15А. ISO 711-85, ISO 712, DSTU GOST 29144:2009, GOST 10856-96, 13586.5-2015.

Warranty and Replacement

2 years of warranty for the laboratory oven MO-series allow you not to worry about the condition of the device, as well as to receive qualitative free-of-charge assistance and repairs.

Laboratory oven МО-106

MO-106 single-chamber drying cabinet is designed for drying samples of grain, grain products, processed products, raw materials, and feed at a given temperature in order to further determine the moisture (water) content according to approved methods in the laboratory.

It can be used in elevator laboratories, production laboratories, and laboratories for the production of sawdust, pellets, granules, bulk materials, pasty products and any other organic and inorganic substances.

Suitable for setting up and calibrating devices for express moisture analysis (infrared analyzers of grain, food, feed, and grain moisture meters).

MO-106 Pictures


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Laboratory oven МО-112

One big drying chamber made of cast aluminium is controlled by a PID controller, which allows for maintaining the required drying temperature in the range from 40 to 160 °C.
Chamber is divided into 12 independent compartments, size of each 50x75x155 mm and can perform 12 independent moisture analyses at the same time.
1 stand for cups is placed in one cell, on each stand can fit 2 standard cups No. 3, or 2 bottles No. 5, or 1 cup from mesh for pre-dying can be loaded.

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Laboratory oven МО-212

Two Oven in One!

MO-212 has two independent drying cabinets in one Oven . It is especially in demand at enterprises with a high load and working with various products.

Each chamber is divided into 6 cells measuring 40x75x155 mm (3 cells behind each door). 1 stand is placed in 1 cell, on which 2 cups No. 3 can be located, or 1 mesh cup for pre-drying.
Each chamber is controlled by its own temperature PID controller, which allows you to set and maintain the required drying temperature in the range from 40 to 160 °C.
It is possible to set different temperatures in the lower and upper chambers at the same time, for example, 105.0°C and 130.0°C.

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